Pre-visit talks

The Significance of Srirangam by Roopmathi Anand

RoopmathiArchitect Roopmathi Anand was tasked by the Tamil Nadu government with making a case to the Advisory Committee on World Heritage Matter to declare Srirangam a UNESCO World Heritage Site.   Here she shares her perspectives on what makes Srirangam a site of universal significance to all humanity.

Listen to the Talk here:

Ms Roopmathi Anand is an architect with deep concern for humaneness, nature, culture and spiritualism, and expressing these concerns creatively with a lasting significance. She is an unusual architect and her repertoire includes lot of offbeat and unique projects. Most of her projects are public and won through competitions. She has a great capacity to produce work of human value and lasting significance to serve public needs.

She has been a visiting faculty, examiner, advisor and jury in many institutions. She has presented her views on energy efficient designs, smart and intelligent architecture, green architecture, affordable housing, minimalism, cost effective design, and Human values in architecture, design for differently abled, ethnic and vernacular architecture. She has won several architectural competitions.


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