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Dance and Music at Srirangam by Swarnamalya Ganesh

Swarnamalya Dr Swarnamalya Ganesh, artiste and scholar of dance,  speaks about the traditions of dance and music at the Srirangam temple.  After explaining the role of music and dance in daily rituals and festivals of the Temple, she throws some light on the people involved through the legends associated with the araiyars and the devadasis of the Temple.

Listen to the talk here:

Dr Swarnamalya Ganesh is a professional classical Bharatanatyam dancer, a senior disciple of Kalaimamani K.J.Sarasa. Apart from training with some of the devadasi gurus and nattuvanars she is also involved in documenting their repertoire. She has also undergone training in Karanas with Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam. She has choreographed several researched dance productions including a ballet on Silappadikaram from Madhavi’s view point. She has completed courses in Tamil and Grantha epigraphy and worked closely with archeologists on several projects. She writes research papers for journals including the Oriental Journal of Asian Studies. She is the Director of Ranga Mandira Trust and School of Performing Arts.

Swarnamalya holds a masters degree in Bharatanatyam from the University of Madras and a doctoral degree from the same University in dance history (Research and Reconstruction of dance Repertoire of the Nayak period). She is a visiting faculty for the Department of Indian music, University of Madras for Dance history.


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