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A History of Srirangam by Badri Seshadri

badri gopuram

There is a wide and varied range of sources to trace the history of the Srirangam Temple. These include inscriptions in the temple, poetry of the Azhvars, the works of the Acharyas and other records. Further, the Koil Ozhugu, a chronicle of the Temple, is a storehouse of information.  Badri Seshadri dips into all of these to narrate the history of the Srirangam Temple.

You can download the presentation here: History of Srirangam

Listen to the Talk now.

Badri Seshadri graduated with a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras in 1991 and a Ph.D from Cornell University in 1996.

He co-founded Cricinfo, a cricket website along with several others, and was one of the founding Directors of Cricinfo Ltd. in 1996, when it was incorporated as a company. Badri managed Cricinfo in India during 1996-99, functioned as Chief Operations Officer in UK in 1999-2000, worked as Director Commercial in India in 2001 and as Managing Director of the India operations and Chief Technology Officer between 2002-04. During 2004-05 he managed the mobile strategy for Cricinfo.

Badri is the Managing Director of New Horizon Media Private Limited. He maintains blogs in Tamil and English. He has contributed articles to Tamil magazines and e-zines on Information Technology issues.

Badri is a founder of the Tamil Heritage Trust.


One thought on “A History of Srirangam by Badri Seshadri

  1. Delighted to discover this site and the lecture series. I was born in Srirangam and live in Melbourne and wish to let you know that there are copies of Hari Rao’s book in two Universities in Adelaide and one in Melbourne. I had photocopied the book about 15 years ago.

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