Dravid Utkala Jatra 2017 / Pre-visit talks

DUJ 2017 Preparatory Talk – Jain Caves of Khandagiri and Udayagiri – by Badri Seshadri

In this presentation, we will have the opportunity to study monuments of Buddhist, Jain and Hindu traditions. The Jain rock-cut shelters at Udayagiri and Khandagiri, just outside Bhubaneswar, command a unique position in eastern India in terms of history, rock-cut architecture and religion. The inscriptions on the walls of these shelters furnish evidence of the existence of the Chedi dynasty around the first Century BCE, proclaiming the achievements of their most famous king, Kharavela. Architecturally, these caves (gumphas) differ in significant ways from Buddhist caves of the same period.  The art includes friezes on facades, decorative elements on pillars, and narrative reliefs on the walls. Badri aims to give us more than a glimpse of this important site in his talk.

Badri Seshadri is a co-founder and Managing Director of New Horizon Media, a leading publishing house in Chennai. He was also the co-founder of Cricinfo. He is an Engineer from IIT-Madras and has a PhD from Cornell University.  He blogs at http://www.badriseshadri.in/ and is a regular on television panel/talk shows on a wide range of subjects, as a public intellectual. The Tamil Heritage Trust which he co-founded is his chosen route to pursue his passion for the rich heritage of India and Tamil Nadu.

Slides from Badri’s talk are available here :


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