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DUJ 2017 Preparatory Talk – Lingaraja Temple – by Siva Thiagarajan

The Lingaraja Temple is the product of accumulated and crystallised experience of several centuries and represents the quintessence of Orissan architecture. It is one of the most finished and refined manifestations of temple architecture in India.  Every element of the temple displays the consummate skill of its designers and craftsmen. The graceful contour of its soaring gandi is a marvel. The entire panoply of Orissan decorative motifs is mustered here with rare aesthetic sense; every carving enhances the majesty of the edifice as a whole. The construction of the temple is associated with three of the later Somavamsi kings though there is no reliable record.  Stylistically dated to around 1065 CE, the Lingaraja became the formal paradigm for almost all Orissan temples built in the next 400 years.

In this presentation, Siva takes us on a grand tour of this temple, the largest that we will study in Bhubaneswar. 


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