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DUJ 2017 Preparatory Talk – Puri Jagannath: The Festive Aspects – by Siddharth Chandrasekar

Lord Jagannatha at Puri is the Supreme Ruler of Purushottama Ksetra.  He is lavishly worshiped with royal rituals and sumptuous food offerings and is attended by a great family of servants. His rituals are elaborate and involve over a thousand functionaries – from the morning Homa celebrated in His name to worship Surya, to the daily horoscope read by the jyotishi, to the financial report read by the accountants (karanas) and so on. His clothes and jewels are rich and colourful. His festivals are of a grand scale, all celebrated according to strict “nitis” – the biggest of them being the Nabakalebara, when He is given a “new body”.

In this lecture, Siddharth speaks on these and other joyous aspects of the great temple of Jagannatha at Puri.


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