Dravid Utkala Jatra 2017 / Pre-visit talks

DUJ 2017 Preparatory Talk – The rediscovery of India’s History, the Brahmi Script and Samrat Asoka – by Gopu R

In DUJ-2017, we will visit Dhauli in Bhubaneswar to see one of Asoka’s famous Rock Edicts. While the emperor Asoka is taken for granted by every school student today, as recently as two hundred years ago, he was not a widely known figure despite his rock and pillar edicts being scattered across the country.  It was only in 1837 when the Brahmi script was deciphered did he emerge as the hero he is now. The deciphering of Brahmi, the major script of much of India from the late centuries BCE up until the sixth century CE, was the key that unlocked the mysteries of ancient Indian history.  What led to this major discovery? Who were the characters involved in this?  And how did they achieve this breakthrough?


About the speaker : Gopu, a software technologist and cultural historian, was recently awarded the 2016 Vedavalli Memorial Heritage Award for outstanding contribution to South India’s heritage by a young achiever. He blogs at http://varahamihiragopu.blogspot.in/

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