DUJ 2017 – Preparatory Talk – Tribes of Odisha – Sharada Chandrasekar

Odisha claims to be the second largest tribal dominant state in the country. The Adivasi (aborigine), Vanabasi (forest dweller) and Girijana (mountain dweller) constitute over 22% of the population of Odisha. The Government of India has notified 62 endogamous tribal groups of Odisha. Tribal communities range from hunter gatherers, shifting cultivators to settled peasantry. As the meeting ground of three language families, (Indo -Aryan, Dravidian and Austric), Odisha is linguistically one of the most heterogeneous states of India with forty-three languages being spoken in the state. Even though the tribal economy is shaky, tribal culture, in its pristine state, is rich and distinctive and the Adivasis work hard to preserve it.


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