Tamil Heritage Trust

Tamil Heritage Trust is an organization run by a few enthusiasts based in Chennai. We organize a range of activities including: monthly talks on issues related to heritage and culture, summer workshops on heritage for children, an annual week long பேச்சு கச்சேரி festival on select heritage themes.

What is a Site Seminar?

Every year, the Trust organises a Site Seminar to study heritage in depth at sites of historical and cultural importance in India.  The visit to the target place is for 4-5 days and is designed to enable particpants take in as many aspect of the place as possible – cultural, historical, social, and so on.  Before the actual visit, participants prepare with a series of pre-visit talks and presentations. Many of these talks are given by experts in the fields related to place of visit. In addition, participants are themselves encouraged to research some aspect of the target place and share their knowledge through  pre-visit talk.

This Website

This website serves as an archive of all the material associated with the Site Seminars of the Tamil Heritage Trust. It includes photographs, videos, audios, background research material, links to blogs etc.

At this time, this website contains material from the Site Seminar of Srirangam, January 2013.   Read this introduction to get an idea of all the activities involved.

We will update the site with posts from events associated with the Site Seminar to Odisha in the coming weeks.

How to use this website

This website is in blog form. Thus, all posts in the site appear on the Home page, normally with the latest appearing on top.  This allows for random browsing based on what catches your interest.  On the other hand, if you like to browse with some structure, a menu has been created with specific sections viz., Pre-Visit Talks, On-Site Talks, Photographs, Videos and other Resources.  This will allow you to follow a desired sequence.

Further, a special “Temple Guide” has been included for the Srirangam Temple. You can  plan a tour of the temple using this guide and the map.  There is a separate version of the map for each prakaram of the temple highlighting the features in that prakaram.